rrThe Parliament of Great Britain is the highest legislative body of the United Kingdom.

The Executive of Great Britain can be divided into two Houses and a monarch:
  • The House of Commons: the lower house. All of its members, known as MPs, are elected via first-past-the-post --styled elections. Consists of 650 members. All laws being passed must be approved by the House of Commons. Also, the Prime Minister, head of the British government, is selected from the House of Commons via the vote of the majority party.
  • The House of Lords: the higher house: Its members are mostly chosen either from religious establishments (albeit the power of the church has declined greatly since the beggining of the 20th century) or from Peerage. That is, they are members of the house because of inheritance of title. The House of Lords can vote on all bills exept ones dealing with money issues, but their vote can be overruled by the House of Commons. Until 2009, a committee in the HOL was the highest court in all of Great Britain, but it has since been replaced by a Supreme Court As of 2011, there are only 90 members.
  • The Monarch: Technically, all bills passed by the Government need to be signed by the monarch in order to gain legitimacy, but in modern times, this has served more as a rubber stamp rather than a power check.\

Party Divisions and Authorities of Houses

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